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Garage Door Repair Graham WA

Those videos online where someone drives their car into the garage door are laughed at by millions, but when it happens to you, it’s not funny. This kind of damage is devastating and costly, as well as a huge inconvenience. You may be concerned about the safety of your home and the people or belongings that are in the garage or nearby. When you need extensive work done or a complete replacement, you need your local Graham garage door repair specialists to bring the experts that will get the job done quickly and get it done right.

Observe Proper Safety Measures
If your garage door has been reduced to splintered wreckage, the resulting broken parts can be very dangerous to handle or approach. It is important to remain safe while you survey the damage to relay to your local Graham garage door repair specialists so that they know what they will be dealing with.

  • Check the main house and call for pets to make sure that no people are animals are trapped in the garage or injured by the damage.
  • Do not attempt to move large panels or broken springs. These types of garage door repairs are dangerous. The panels can be very heavy or have splinters and shards. The springs hold an immense amount of pressure and could snap, causing serious injury.
  • If possible, turn on the lights in the garage or get adequate lighting so that the repair experts will be able to see the damage. This is especially important if you need someone to come at night.
  • Keep children and pets away from the garage and surrounding area. Broken springs can fly around and other parts can fall while you’re waiting for help.

Instant Garage Door Repair Graham WA
While the situation of complete garage door annihilation is not common, there are many other repairs that still cause inconvenience and frustration individually. You can prevent these occurrences with routine maintenance and inspection of your garage door and its components. Consult your local Graham garage door repairs specialists for advice about when you should replace the different parts and how to look for potential damage before it happens.

  • Generally speaking, you can prevent extensive damage to your garage door by always stopping your car at the bottom of your driveway before you open it. If you have an automatic garage door opener, it can be tempting to just keep going in the hopes that you’ll glide up into your open garage when you press the button as you approach. However, the garage door opener can malfunction. The door can get stuck along the tracks or the motor can become unbalanced, causing you to crash through a closed door. Take the time to stop and make sure that the door is open all the way before driving into the garage, preventing extreme Graham garage door repairs or full replacement.
  • Inspect the tracks, nuts and bolts, and the door itself on a regular basis. Look for debris, grease buildup, and loose parts that can cause obstructions that stop the door or slow it down. These are easy parts to inspect and routine cleaning will save you a lot of time and money on unnecessary and frequent Graham garage door repairs.
  • Using a sturdy ladder, check the springs for rust and weak spots. It’s a good idea to wear safety glasses and gloves while inspecting springs, protecting the areas of your body closest to the spring, in case it happens to break while you’re inspecting it.
  • Check electrical parts and the mounting brackets that hold the motor for an automatic garage door opener. Making sure that these parts are working correctly prevents the door from getting stuck and the remote that opens the garage door from malfunctioning.

Graham Garage Door Repair Professional and Respectable Service
When you let someone into your home to make repairs, you want them to be respectful of your property and your family while they’re there. Quick and efficient service, even when performed expertly, is still unpleasant when the people working on your home are rude or (even worse) seem suspicious. You can rest assured that your local Graham garage door repairs specialists will be polite and professional while they are at your home. Restore your peace of mind as well as your garage door.