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Cheap Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Graham Wa 

A suddenly broken spring repair in Graham can be a huge hassle. The garage door won’t be able to open and trying to open it, even with some help, is nearly impossible and very dangerous. The springs hold a lot of tension that can cause serious injury when tampered with. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, you can perform routine maintenance and inspection so that you know when it’s time to replace a spring before it breaks. Talk to your local Graham garage door broken spring repair service for advice from the professionals.

Careful Inspection
Using a sturdy ladder, inspect your springs closely on a regular basis. Look for rusted areas or weak spots that can cause the spring to break. Your local home store may have replacement springs in stock for you to keep on hand if you should find any of these warning signs. Be careful as you inspect the spring, as the weak spots or rust that you may find could cause springs to break and cause injury as you’re inspecting them.

Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning your springs (along with the other parts of your garage door) can prevent rust and debris from building up and causing the occurrence of a broken spring. Clean carefully, and be sure that the garage door is closed and you have adequate lighting before you begin. For guidance on how to clean and what kinds of cleaning solutions to use, contact the manufacturer or your local Graham garage door broken spring repair technician for help.